Monday, September 29, 2014

The Bay Phantom is almost upon us

Mobile, Alabama, 1931.

Joe Perrone is a wealthy young man, heir to a commercial fishing fortune, whose parents and older brother were murdered by burglars. Mirabelle Darcy is his housekeeper.
They have secrets.

Joe has a darkness inside him, and it has led him to forge a strange path for himself. Joe puts on a mask and a cape at night and fights crime as the Bay Phantom. He has not donned the mask in three years, since his epic battle with the diabolical Doctor Piranha left him feeling uncertain about the condition of his own soul. But, after a period of wandering and reflection, he has returned. He does what he believes he must, fighting mobsters, killers, fiends,  a corrupt police force, and a city administration that does not want his help. He operates according to his own personal philosophy and moral code, and keeps his identity a secret so he can continue his work unimpeded.

Mirabelle is one of the nine smartest people in the world. Her IQ is virtually incalculable, and she has mastered a dozen different scientific disciplines on her own. She is also black, and she lives in a society deeply divided by segregation and oppression. To reveal her intellect and secret accomplishments would be to invite scorn, ostracism-- and, quite possibly, lethal violence. So she labors in secret.

Tull House, a 200-year-old former smuggler's den on the Mobile Bay is their home.
When a deadly struggle begins between the powerful, covertly criminal Carter family and an upstart named Hector Sams and his mysterious backers, Joe and Mirabelle find themselves in the middle of a hurricane of mystery and murder, and are locked into a deadly struggle of their own, against the horrific avatars of the two warring factions: The Werewolf and the Black Embalmer.

Even with the help of Doctor Sigmund Freud, can Joe and Mirabelle unravel the lies, secret associations, and conspiracies in a town where absolutely nothing is what it seems? Can they preserve the lives of innocent citizens caught up in the gang war, and their own lives as well? Will they live long enough to discover the most deeply-buried secrets of all-- the unremembered traumas that made them what they are?

Find out in "A Confederacy of Devils" by Chuck Miller, with art by Zachary Brunner, coming soon from Airship 27.

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