Sunday, January 28, 2018

Doc Crater?

Who is Doc Crater? That's a good question; one he himself is unable or unwilling to answer. He is a man of mystery, with curious tastes and abilities. The possibility exists that he is not entirely sane, but this is offset by the fact that he is spectacularly rich, and seems to be a decent guy.

What does he do? For several years, he has been on a worldwide search for eight mysterious “artifacts.” He presumably knows what they are and what they can do, but he’s not telling anybody-- not even his closest associates. In the course of this quest, he has run up against some of the world’s worst criminal masterminds-- because mysterious artifacts have a way of ending up in the hands of arch-fiends-- and defeated them soundly.

He has secured two of the artifacts. And now a third has surfaced, in a small town in the American South. In order to get his hands on it, Doc must face a trio of diabolical adversaries: his childhood arch-enemy, Baron Modor Fogar; the insidious Judge Innsmouth and his Sisters of Perpetual Derision; and the corrupt, power-hungry President of the United States, Dagwood V. Tremens.

Aiding him in this mission are the members of Doc Crater’s team of specialists: Right-hand man Todd Tyler; Possibly-Undead Edweena, a brilliant scientist who claims to be a 400-year-old vampire; Rondo and Mondo, the Twins, a pair of ruthless mercenaries; the Incomprehensible Murk, a strange product of science gone extremely careless; and Debbie Daniels, an alcoholic goth poet who has no clue why she has been recruited by Crater.

All this and entirely too much more in “Doc Crater and the Third Artifact,” by Chuck Miller, coming in February, only on Patreon.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

KOLCHAK Double Feature: NIGHT KILLERS novel

KOLCHAK Double Feature: NIGHT KILLERS novel
Story: Richard Matheson, Chuck Miller
Cover Art: Mark Maddox
6’ x 9”, squarebound, $12.99, 188pgs

There were THREE Kolchak TV movies written. Two were filmed. This is the never produced THIRD movie, written by grand master RICHARD MATHESON, with some extra help from Chuck Miller! Carl Kolchak in Hawaii! But the reporter who uncovered a vampire in Las Vegas and an immortal strangler in Seattle doesn’t find sun and fun in the Aloha State. He runs up against murderous entities from beyond this world in THE NIGHT KILLERS!

Next, in an original story by Miller, we learn for the first time how Kolchak and Tony Vincenzo ended up in the Windy City. What do gangsters, crooked cops, a missing mummy, and a mysterious plague have in common? That’s what Kolchak has to find out, or find himself facing THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED.