Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 5

Here we go! This latest Airship 27 release features my first Sherlock Holmes story, "The Adventure of the Other Man," along with great stories by Aaron Smith, I.A. Watson and Andrew Salmon. 


Four New Mysteries Amidst the fog covered alleys and byways of London, murder and mayhem run rampant. With the dawning of a new century, Consulting Detective Sherlock Holmes and his able assistant, Dr. Watson represent the forces of truth and justice, ready to confront the villainy of these new modern horrors. Here is another quartet of unique, perplexing cases that will challenge this noble duo and test their fortitude and courage. Why would someone murder an old man a few months before his hundredth birthday? Why is Holmes’ arch nemesis, Prof. Moriarty, hunting the city for the same sadistic killer Holmes is after? And, when the Great Detective is arrested and imprisoned for attempting to seduce the wife of a wealthy nobleman, Watson questions whether his friend has finally lost his mind. Within these pages, writers Chuck Miller, Aaron Smith, I.A. Watson and Andrew Salmon offer up four of the most thrilling and suspenseful adventures ever devised to confound Arthur Conan Doyle’s most beloved heroes. It is time to load your revolver, hail a hansom cab and prepare for action, as once again, the game is afoot!

And Sherlock Holmes will make his mark on the world of the Black Centipede in 2014, in the "Moriarty, Lord of the Vampires" trilogy. The first volume, "Vionna and the Vampires," is also the first installment in The Incredible Adventures of Vionna Valis & Mary Jane Kelly, and will be out before too much longer. That will be followed by "Black Centipede Confidential," and then the first full-length Doctor Unknown Junior novel, "The Return of Little Precious." So, there you go.