Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here is a terrific piece of promotional art by Sean E. Ali for the soon-to-be-published novel, "Blood of the Centipede."

And I now have enough good art by various talented hands accumulated to put together a blog header (above) that showcases my major characters.

1.) The Black Centipede-- Mysterious crime fighter, occult dabbler, and thorn in the sides of many a criminal-- and more than a few respectable citizens. His origins are still shrouded in mystery. The upcoming novel, "Blood of the Centipede," answers a couple of questions and asks several more, as the Centipede and his new partner, Amelia Earhart, confront the diabolical White Centipede and his ghastly minion, the Black Centipede Eater. Just who and what is the Black Centipede-- really? Are you sure you want to know? He certainly isn't...

2.) Doctor Unknown Junior-- Doctor Dana Marie Laveau Unknown, PhD, Level Twelve Magus-- an incredibly powerful sorceress who has lost most of her magical abilities. Permanently? I doubt it, but you'll want to stay tuned. Along with her somewhat reluctant partner, Jack Christian, Dana-- daughter of the original Doctor Unknown-- fights the menaces nobody else wants to touch. A patchwork monster composed of body parts from three of history's worst serial killers is just another day at the office for Dana and Jack. Their first epic adventure may be seen in the pages of Pro Se Presents #13. (Order it HERE.)

3.) Vionna Valis and Mary Jane Kelly-- Owners and operators of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee Psychic Detective Agency. Vionna is a girl with a mysterious past. She suffers from partial amnesia and shares space in her head with a mysterious entity she calls her "roommate." This strange presence remains unidentified in spite of the best efforts of Vionna and her friends to unlock its secrets. Mary Jane Kelly was murdered in 1888 by the shadowy fiend known as Jack the Ripper, and resurrected 120 years later by the Black Centipede. Part of her unusual history comes to light in "Blood of the Centipede." Further revelations will be made in the upcoming novel, "Vionna and the Vampires," including details of Mary's relationship with the great consulting detective, Mister Sherlock Holmes. And what is her enigmatic connection to the Black Centipede?

4.) "Bloody" Mary Jane Gallows-- (Yes, I have two Mary Janes. There's a reason for that, but you'll have to buy the book to learn it.) Her relationship with the Black Centipede is rather complicated, to say the least-- arch-enemy one day, best friend and lover the next. Mary Jane is a tulpa, a creature given supernatural life by two of history's most notorious killers. She is, in essence, the "daughter" of Lizzie Borden and Jack the Ripper. She dealt rather harshly with her mother in "Creeping Dawn," and in "Blood of the Centipede," she gets the opportunity to work through her daddy issues, in a way that will leave you shocked and astounded. I am currently working to transcribe some of her journals, and these will see print as soon as I am convinced that I've done a good enough job that she will allow me to live after she sees the results. No rush job here!

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