Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEW! Pro Se presents #8

NOW AVAILABLE! PRO SE PRESENTS #8! Pro Se Continues to Put the Monthly Back into Pulp with fantastic stories by Kevin Rodgers and Chuck Miller as well as the conclusion to the exclusive HAWK story by noted New Pulp Author Van Allen Plexico! New Pulp's Best New Writer of the Year Chuck Miller shares another tale of the Black Centipede.

"Funeral for a Fiend" picks up one of the loose threads from "Creeping Dawn." We learn more about the bizarre new Zenith crime lord called the Stiff and his strange relationship with the Black Centipede. And we meet the "ultimate fixers," the enigmatic twins known as Patience and Prudence.
With Art provided by Sean E. Ali and Rowell Roque and a fantastic cover by Roque, trade dress by Ali, this is an issue that HAS to be the next thing you get for your New Pulp collection! Only Six Dollars in Print! Coming soon as an Ebook! Available now at the Pro Se Store at:

Puttin' The Monthly Back into Pulp with Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Good ol' Masked Vigilante Action, PRO SE PRESENT #8 hits the streets, adventure blasting from both barrels! Van Allen Plexico's exclusive epic novella 'Hand Of The Machine', featuring HAWK, his latest creation, concludes ! Kevin Rodgers takes us into the terrifying state of mind...or reality....known as 'Paranoia' and New Pulp's Best New Writer of the Year Chuck Miller shares another tale of his wild and wacky hero, The Black Centipede, starring in 'Funeral for a Fiend!' With mind blowing art work provided by Sean Ali and Rowell Roque, PRO SE PRESENTS #8 is almost too much Pulp to handle!


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